The Convenience of Males

I usually choose what to wear depending on how much stupidity I am ready to handle from men in a given day. On days I am in jeans and a hoodie, I really have zero strength to deal with stupid men in the streets- and they are plenty still! On days I wear my short […]

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Invitations to Nakedness

When Michael messaged me about doing a nude photoshoot in Lamu, I was super excited then almost at the same time, unsure and somewhat scared of wanting to go through with it. The last time I went nude, a bunch of lazy online websites claimed I did it to get the attention of males. That […]

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note to self

You are not drowning   The earth does not die of thirst From the dry deserts of its brown skin It will not be sunk to deathly depths By the tsunamis of its own seas

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moving mountains

I believe myself lucky having being born the last in my family. I did not need to act a certain way because I had to play role model and I was never second best. Nor was I third and caught in between sibling squabbles and rivalry. I was last and never had to prove myself […]

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the bravery of childhood

I have watched my niece grow up for the past three plus years since she was born, and I have gained a newfound respect for babies and children; earthlings and how persistent we are in growing and becoming better.  Once upon a time, it was unthinkable to have my niece stand without adult arms at […]

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the newness of things

The film Arrival got me thinking about language, and how/if it influences how we think. How art, in all its different forms, is at the very core, a language, and how as artists, we learn to shape and reshape this dialect to morph it into a shadow of what we feel and think; what we […]

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Saying “Hi”

I am on episode 4 of 13 Reasons Why. I cannot ingest more than two episodes in one sitting for obvious reasons. And even during the two episodes I watch , I pause sometimes. To think, about the male gaze for example or to imagine how it feels to be objectified as a woman- something […]

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(v) child of mine

I am 26. No one close to me that truly knows me asks about marriage anymore. That is something we laugh about when a person that doesn’t know me asks. Children however still come in the picture. Even those that know me better than most sometimes ask, “But what if?”   Some go further and […]

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(iv) to love a girl

In a Catholic school, where daily mass was compulsory, and skirts could not go higher than the knees, I once loved a girl. It was very discreet and not at all like those secrets you told your best friends after a pinky swear. A cute crush in German class you whispered about excitedly, underneath curved […]

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