Going Under

Three things I made sure to know how Way before I ever kissed you; To make your eyes crinkle in laughter To make your breath catch in anticipation To leave you. I go under only because I hold ropes in my hands That lead back to the surface And I’m not a black widow You […]

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Like the fact that Awful things do occur For no apparent reason So I learn too that Only the survivors Get to firmly claim How every calamity Is for a greater good and cause The deceased have no such opinions or testimonials



The dark she I thought was inky black In reality was ashy-grey I killed the bitch Her ghost now sits And sleeps next to me daily Awaiting a comeback of sorts featured images courtesy : http://wallpoper.com/images/00/41/84/00/girl-punch_00418400.jpg

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The sky’s darkeningBut sluggishly soLike the sun is in no hurryTo leave this torrid town   On the tarmac streets of GanjoniOld houses two storeys highStand on either sidePainted in clean whiteAnd tired creamIn places   They have narrow windowsOf glassy panesAnd woody framesAll painted whiteLike their flowery carved balconies   And telephone linesFrom the […]


Saying “Hi”

I am on episode 4 of 13 Reasons Why. I cannot ingest more than two episodes in one sitting for obvious reasons. And even during the two episodes I watch , I pause sometimes. To think, about the male gaze for example or to imagine how it feels to be objectified as a woman- something […]

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(v) child of mine

I am 26. No one close to me that truly knows me asks about marriage anymore. That is something we laugh about when a person that doesn’t know me asks. Children however still come in the picture. Even those that know me better than most sometimes ask, “But what if?”   Some go further and […]

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(iv) to love a girl

In a Catholic school, where daily mass was compulsory, and skirts could not go higher than the knees, I once loved a girl. It was very discreet and not at all like those secrets you told your best friends after a pinky swear. A cute crush in German class you whispered about excitedly, underneath curved […]

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(iii) to fuck stupid

On the night I lost my virginity, I fucked stupid. It was at a house party, I was sufficiently tipsy, and he really wasn’t bad looking. Also I really just wanted to be rid of my stupid hymen. Back in Waa Girls (my second high school), on the right hand side of the blackboard where […]

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(ii) the ways of the tongue

My first (and only) boyfriend while in high school was a little older and already done with school. My family heard the rumors and my siblings couldn’t get enough of teasing me. I tend to be very secretive about my romantic affairs because I feel like the people around me begin to have high hopes; […]

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(i) touch and go

When I was young and we’d play with the estate kids at Sikujua Estate (Voi) we’d play a game called “Cha Kimama”. It’s basically playing House but some kids knew there was more to being daddy and mommy than just coming from work, cooking for the family or tending to the kids. Some kids knew […]

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Crash and Burn

you are a child watching a birdie flapping it’s wings in the throes of death and it is your hope I cannot stand! When it all boils down I will fold; i will always choose death over life Don’t you know? I never sought to heal Only to crash and burn

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Remember This

you must never cocoon me when i want to freefall nor cuff my wrists in place when i need both hands to write, to create, to strangle myself remember when the world claims that love holds fast and never let’s go remember this i am yours to love i am no one’s to keep  

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