Wow! It’s been like a climb or something and i have no idea where i got strength to just write my scripts, plan my shoots get so freaking busy and still on my feet. Friends helped a lot. I had a shoot i was ready to give up on after i had to postpone it twice. Then to make it worse, the cameras at the department are in a state, there are no tapes! At least my pals kept asking when are shooting and when they took up the crew jobs, it all became so much easier!

I still feel a little depressed about my phone. I mean, there was a great opportunity whose call should have come about this time n i guess it’s gone cuz no one can freaking trace me! Anyway, am still blaming God for putting me through the crap but am getting a little sick of myself. My self-pity – that statement “Aw! Why is this happening to me?”

I have been scolding myself and saying shit happens, and when it does, life goes on. It’s finally sinking in and I’m getting kind of used to not having a phone. I will need one soon I know.

So this Friday is my first real shoot. You know the ones that have props and a complete crew, and booked equipment from camera to light to boom mic. Ahem! Am feeling really good about it! I guess it’s no wonder making the details of all shots is not really wearing me down. Plus i have a D.O.P. who’s got fab ideas! ;))

For once since i came to campus, i feel as if i am doing something great with my life. Something i want to do the way i want to do it! And there are pals who are more than ready to help. It’s a really great feeling! I blame God for my phone but i do thank him for the kind of pals I have. I hope we go a long way together!

fun day retreat with great pals



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