I miss you

liz n i

You talking

Your walking

Your course lingua!


I miss you not because

You used to fetch me tea

Get me breakfast

When I felt too lazy

On weekends

Or when I slept till late

On weekdays


Not because of favors

mercy nabori n i


You did me

I miss you

As you are

And all the things

We used to do


Standing in the rain

Half naked

Taking passport size showers

When water was scarce

And “borrowing” tinfuls

Of other people’s water

When they weren’t looking

fridah, zubeda n i



And lying in the casuarina forest

Behind dorm eleven

On my worn out mattress

I miss listening to the radio

We weren’t supposed to have

In school


Or sitting with you

Late at night

When sleep won’t come

Like it often did

Looking up at the moon

And thinking

liz, eiman n i

There’s a woman

Holding a child

Inside that moon

And staring up at the clouds


At daytime

Clouds making crazy shapes

We argued and laughed about

And had others

Think we were insane

When they couldn’t see

What we saw


I miss being carefree

my beddy n i

With you


And bathing with you

Me, you and her

Three of us

One small bucket of water

Scrambling for one soap



The filtered sun rays

Shining on our skins

Through the casuarinas trees


I miss you so!

You crazy stagger

When you got high on something

chillin out on a weekend in loreto

Then you talked crazy

And we laughed

Till my head hurt

And you wouldn’t believe

The morning after

What crazy stuff you’d said



When we told crazy stories

At night

In that cubicle

We all slept in

Then you got scared

me n ann mwaigacho

And freaked out

I miss teasing you


Remember how you got so scared

You had to sleep with someone

And applied olive oil

And borrowed my rosary

And how you frantically

Walked, showered, slept with it

Around your neck

So I left it to you?


Do you still wear it?

My rosary?

Does it keep away

Scary spirits

Does it remind you

me n rachael

Of me


I still look up t the moon

And remember

Then smile and cry

At the same time


And do you remember

The pyramids we read about

In The Alchemist

How we said we’ll travel to them?


I found your card

The other day

Where you wrote

“Don’t forget to seek your treasure”


I wont

I still have

That Arab note

That we’ll buy evening coffee with

When we get there


Shall we cross the desert

With a caravan

the greatest half term ever

Shall we go on that ship cruise

And fall in love

With the cutest sailors?


Shall we meet someday

Maybe have a coffee

Or go clubbing

Dance till late

Like we used to

During Saturday entertainment


Or maybe

Just sit outside Fort Jesus

At that edge of the world

Where we once sat

With our legs dangling

Above the rough Indian ocean

And laugh

Reminiscing over long gone

Good and crappy times





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