MTWAPA- day one

We moved to MTWAPA. Never I my wildest dreams did I ever think that was possible especially considering how my mother cannot stand noise- and MTWAPA is NOISY! What with tourism flourishing and a wild nightlife!

Well our neighborhood is very close to the main center but it is nice and quiet. People seem to keep to themselves around here, which is somewhat nice. A change from Kilifi meddling neighbors some of who have nothing better to do than talk about other people and speculate. I will not miss that place- that is for sure!

There is a fat, furry cat next door and she is making me miss my cat. He would not trust me enough to get into the moving van with me. He just ran off and we had to leave! I feel crappy having left him. I plan to go back to get him- I do not know when I will manage that. I hope the neighbor takes care of him- her kids like him so am hoping he is ok.

There is a bakery nearby and it smells goooooooood! I do not see many people my age and type.there are plenty my age but… I don’t know- the ones I have met look kind of snobbish and too concerned with their looks- too polished and too eager to impress.  Dudes in dreadlocks, neon t-shirts, supra… most chics are in weaves- long ones- minis, hot pants, stunners e.t.c.   They really dress up around here- which I like. It is just that there is a plastic feel to all the glitz. It is like it just for show.  I doubt they feel that glitzy underneath. Maybe it is just me prejudging people- maybe its reading first impressions correctly- I don’t know. Only time will tell.

My sis came tonight and so it is all noisy and even though there is so much to unpack ad lots of work to do, it feels bearable.  Mum offered me a teaching job at her new school cuz they got no teachers. Am toying around with the offer but I feel it coming in the way of things I had planned. I have other things to do up my sleeve.  However, I could use with some cash…I‘ll see. I just might take the offer.

All in all, I am liking this place already! It’s noisy at night, but I’m good at switching off when am tired so no biggie. I can’t wait to start raving in these clubs! From where I am, the mixing sounds goooooooood!



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