Journal from 3rd August 2012- Friday Night

I had just finished browsing at the business center and going back to my hostel. It must have been around 11p.m. The students’ annex, where people go to drink and dance is full and overflowing as though there has been a brawl or something. There is always drunk drama so I pay no attention and walk on.  Upon reaching the Nyayo zone gate, I see ahead of me a built guy in a white vest hitting a passerby and asking him if he is Luo. The victim is at loss and stands the beating, his folder thrown down. There are about four guys nearby- his pals I think- and one of them goes to take the guy off the victim.

He faces my direction as I walk towards him. I try to ignore him and keep some distance but he grabs my hand and pulls me to him roughly. I try to grab my hand back- and the same pal comes to pull him away from me.

I ask the pal who seems sober what the fuck is wrong with his friend. The drunken guy gets aggressive again and rushes at me. He hits me and I scream- hoping the guard at the gate shed just next to us, will come out and rescue me from this madness.

I duck and try to get away from the drunk. The pal comes again and pulls him further away from me. The other pals just stand there- watching.

I walk off. So angry if I had a gun I could have shot the asshole!

The first victim who was first hit is still glaring at the drunk as I pass by him. There are so many other people on the pavement. They are all watching the drunk and what drama he is causing. They are just watching! Why are they doing nothing about it?

I reach my room so angry am crying and make myself a cup of tea. A few sips later and I cannot let it go. I go back to the gate with a camera. The rowdy guys and company are gone. There are no more people on the pavement. I approach the guard’s shed. There is no one inside. There is no security person guarding this accommodation zone housing close to 4000 students!

So a chic could probably be raped and there would be no one to help her. There is a big notice at the gate that states how the university prohibits sexual harassment. What crap! I think as I take a clip of the empty guard’s shed.

I plan to go to the security office tomorrow- oh! It will be a Saturday. So no one will be there.

I decide I will wait until Monday but I will make them accountable!





I decide it will not help a thing- reporting. I will report and then what? Maybe they will ensure a guard stays where he is supposed to; maybe they will not. They probably won’t. I have little faith in this institution after that incident.

What remains is that, if a woman does not protect herself, no one will. I have come across sites that say it is helpful for a chic to take personal defense classes.  Not my thing- I am not crazy about fighting. Moreover, I am tiny. If I were to take a hit at that drunk, I doubt it would have been any good.


However, since I don’t think I can stand the possibility of being a victim of someone’s madness or drunkenness,   I am definitely getting myself a can of pepper spray. One day I will get a gun, but for now, a can of pepper spray will have to do.

Spray the bastard!


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