So Nairobi Half-Life
Is a crappy film
Cuz it paints Nairobi- and Kenya
In a bad light!

And shows how,
In Nairobi
People get robbed and mugged

Cuz it tells the story
From a gangster’s point of view?

So now
Apart from censoring
Kissing and lovemaking
Cuz they are un-African

We are to censor too
What stories
We want to tell.

Let’s burnSometimes-in-April
Sometimes In April
Let’s take off the net
Boniface Mwangi’s photos



We can’t have
Ignorant white folks
Fear coming to Africa
And not give us tourist money!


We need these folks!
I mean,
They sent us dog food
When we were starving!

Its dog food
I know
But hey
It’s still food from abroad!

They must have meant well
They brought us Christianity too
You know


And we can’t have donors pull out!
In fact
Tell Ngugi to stop
Telling stories
Of colonialism
Lest Britain place sanctions
For bruising their egos!

We can’t have our dark stories
Come from our own mouths!
That’s the job of foreign filmmakers
And photographers!


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