I once told a friend that I’d be really pissed if they got drunk till they puked and I had to clean them up. I went on to rant about how absolutely silly, stupid and irresponsible this was- selfish too!

When I got this prompt a week ago a 180 moment about the above flashed through my mind very clearly. I cringe every time I remember and so I’ll write it so I can stop cringing at the memory.

It happened on Christmas Eve 2012 when we (my cousins and two sisters) decided to have a house party- loud music, some alcohol, sodas and dancing the night away. It had been quiet long since I’d gone out partying and being tipsy with the music loud in my ears felt so good!  We danced like crazy- my sisters went to bed and my cousins and I kept at it as we kept drinking.

We had agreed to go to a nearby night club after drinks and by the time we were leaving, I was so very tipsy! I remember lying on the sofa at home, wanting to get up and dance but my limbs felt limp and my head was swirling.

We went out all the same- laughing all the way and swaying a little to the club where we found really good music! The first thing that struck me as I sat was that I’d had too much to drink. I ordered a bottle of cold water to down as we listened to the band.

I didn’t feel any better. My head was swimming- much like falling from the sky with eyes closed and tumbling through space but never reaching the ground. I was feeling real bad- like puking! And I was mortified by that thought!

I, who felt very strongly against people who drink themselves to puke, had let myself get to exactly that point! How could I get myself so drunk! I scolded myself

I asked my cousin where the toilets were. She pointed to them and I really wanted to go but I could not stand for fear of heaving the moment I did. Giving myself sometime, I rested my head on the table. Perhaps this position facilitated what happened next.

I puked!

I remember thinking: NO! NOT HERE! WALK TO THE TOILETS! NOT HERE ON THE TABLE! So I bent to the side and did it on the floor! Eeeeek!

I heard someone cuss and when I sat back up, I remember a few stares my way. I apologized absently- mostly to the waiters who’d have to clean that up- even though they were nowhere near to hear my apology. My cousin asked me if I was okay and I nodded. I felt so much better! I wasn’t even embarrassed (this came a day later) all that mattered was that my stomach felt so much lighter and better!

What I wanted now however was to lie somewhere so I had my cousin call a fab uncle of mine over. He came, asked if I could walk- I nodded and laughed and held his hand all the way home.

He dropped me off and went back to the party.

My tummy had manners it seems- the moment I freshened up, I emptied the rest into the sink!

Quick cold shower, lots o water and a pillow on my head, I lay in bed thinking, this is what heaven feels like. And I recall telling God over and over again thank you for my uncle and that he should bless him! (I think alcohol makes someone very touchy feely.)

That day I stopped being judgmental of drunks and friends who get stoned to a puke! Irresponsible drinking is not justified but I understand that shit happens. I once told a pal that I’d be really pissed at them if they drunk themselves to a puke! Now, just like my cousin and uncle were there for me, I know I’ll back I’ll have their back and say “it happens”. It happened to me too.


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