I feel things
Read lines

The tone
The stress on a word said
The pause of a word omitted

A tense look
A fleeting dart of the eyes
Your tight smile and laugh
When we talk

I read lines

A rose is a rose is a rose
I can tell plastic ones
A mile off

Then I choose to ignore
That which I already know
And give you the benefit of doubt

Till the day
I shall be paraded
By people who call themselves righteous

And you
In a black hood
And sword in hand
Shall stand above my neck
And raise your blade

And in the shining reflection
Shall our eyes meet
I see and recognize you

And no
I am not shocked

I knew

This side of you-
Before you wore the hood
And brandished your sword

I knew it all along



              1. Hello you! Long time again!:-) Listen read up on Swedenborg. I cannot get enough of the guy. Please please do. He answers some fantastic questions! Well his books do anyway. He died ages ago.:-(

            1. oh just checked it out and recalled what happened. i had been having issues with timeliness of the posts i have been scheduling so i changed the timezone e.t.c and the post published itself. i didnt want it posted then so i rescheduled :-)) i think thats it! about 0015hrs it should self publish. what time will it be where you are?tell me what you think then huh?

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