I love film. However, I am yet to make a film that I want the whole world to see. Of course this is my time to learn but I have made one mistake once too many times in Post production especially during editing. I abandon my films after shooting. Thereafter, I usually hand it to the editor and hope it will come out just fine.

An editor screwed me once- making the sweat of my team seem like it was hers- she used her film to market herself! I said never again. The one film I coached at post production did come close to what I wanted but I still made the mistake again! This time, it was due to time constraints.

This semester, I took too much time deciding what film I want to make. And in the end, I had to rush the film because it is to be submitted as a class project.

Not again- I mean it this time. Not again!

I plan to take my time on the next film. From the scripting, to shooting to editing, I will be there. And I will not plan on making 10 films within three months. I will make only 1 film so I can pour my whole heart into it.

Of course there is the pressure that I have only two more years and there is still so much to learn but then, it’s better to make an awesome flick rather than 5 half-baked ones, right?

I am making only one film next semester. ONE. If I ever feel like adding another I will come back to this post and remind myself. One film only.


13 thoughts on “ONE FILM ONLY

    1. and yes i do still have 20 crappy films inside me, to get rid of. I’ve done 5. 15 to go- don’t mean they should be on the same level of crappy eh? send me BUTTERFLY.

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