I have been a staunch christian in the past- then a non believer- then I struck a balance after filtering  off some Christianity stuff, and adding a bit of other faiths. One thing that makes no sense to me is the idea of hell. I do not believe in hell.


I think that life is much more that doing good or doing bad and getting the reward in the afterlife.  Why should someone be tortured forever for sins they committed in a span of 10 years? And in that span, is it that he/she never did one good thing? Really? Not one good thing?

So hell means that it doesn’t matter what good you have done in your life? As long as you have died having stolen a thousand shillings from someone, you deserve hell fire?

I do not believe in damnation.

I am catholic but when it comes to the afterlife, Buddhism makes so much more sense to me. Life is a matter of making mistakes and learning through them. Sometimes we correct ourselves, sometimes we don’t.

I think all souls were meant to go back to a higher being having traveled, and suffered and grown wiser and reached a high level of spirituality- nirvana.  We suffer for our mistakes but get another chance to correct them again and again. Not that death and rebirth are glamorous things. I think not.

Still, I believe in past lives and that the way we are in the present determines how close we get to nirvana(still learning more about this). Maybe on doomsday, God will prove me wrong and say the Christians were right, or the Muslims, or the Jews- whichever it is, at least I won’t have lived doing good just to avoid hell. I will live doing good of my own free will-no promises, no threats.



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