I am not hot on new stuff. New music, clothes, trends- even movies. I always wait for it to get old then I can turn my attention to it. Most of the time it’s because I want to hear from people what I should watch and what I shouldn’t bother with. When it comes to movies, there are some movies that did not live up to the hype they received.

COLOMBIANA- I loved the story from the beginning but grgertowards the end, I felt like fate was too kind to the chic. When she managed to get revenge and kill everyone and still end up with her boyfriend, I was a little startled. For me it was like- wait! There’s no other catch?!


THINK LIKE A MAN- I love black movies and the cast was great! It’s the end that got to me. It’s like it was tailored- a tailored happy ending. Did everyone have to end up with everyone? It’s like a telenovela!

ICE AGE 3- I  love ice age more than I love Rio, Shrek and the lion king- I love ice age 1,2 and 4. I did NOT love ice age 3! I think even they felt they’d gone off course so they made ice age 4 which I watch again and age 3- I don’t intend to repeat it! Ever!


A THOUSAND WORDS- I love Eddie- don’t get me wrong. It’s the story I have a GBFGproblem with. If he had a thousand words, he couldn’t use like 20 to tell his wife of his predicament? Really?! And that blue butterfly at the end- I think Hollywood can afford a graphic more realistic.


TWILIGHT-eclipse etc- I am guilty. I love twilight- or rather, LOVED. Leave alone the weaknesses of Bella being boring, Edward’s blank look etc- did they have to cake the vamps in make up? Twilight and new moon wasn’t so bad, but ECLIPSE and the rest?! I watched breaking dawn 2 at the end and saw white geisha faces and just lost it. on that note, I loved the spoof better!


Love to Hear Your Views!

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