Holiday at last and resting but I’ve also had to take a break from blogging which sucks big time! But am watching lots of TV -very unlike me! And of late I have become very interested in the paranormal 🙂 Scary shit huh? Especially when hauntings are so common in Mombasa- and Mtwapa! And with all these awesome houses – the haunted ones sold at throw away prices, I wonder- would I live in a haunted house if it was waaaaaay awesome?! Probably not but it seems so unfair that ghosts should get a hold of such beautiful houses! UNFAIR!



  1. Hi Hellen! I’m now on WordPress :), the sole reason being… I always wanted to comment on stuff you write O_o Hahaha! I love your poetry and the the fact that you’re so natural as a blogger, some bloggers are sooooo la-di-da :p. About your post, yeah, it’s totally unfair, I’ve never heard of a haunted shanty 😀

    Lots of love,

    1. yaaaaaaaaay! now communication will be so much easier! 🙂 wordpress should pay me for that eh? 😉 we’ll split! true, i have yet to hear of a haunted shanty. not even ghosts want crappy houses huh? there is an awesome beach house that is making me rethink the issue of not living in a haunted house! with such a house, shit! I’d rather call an exorcist than let the ghosts have it!

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