That embarrassing moment when you walk into a mall and the metal/bomb detectors go bananas! N am like WTF?!

So they search me, and search my bag and find nothing. So I give ’em my metallic frame specs and its all nothing. They let me browse around for whatever. I ask ’em ‘what if the machines go bananas on my way out too?’

They are confident it won’t happen. Only they are wrong. The moment I walk cautiously towards the two doors, the machines go BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! N I stand there shrugging to them attendants. Some woman at the door flies and grabs the goods I had bought for rechecking. Another takes my handbag and checks it too. My aunt’s explaining that it happened upon entrance too and people are walking by staring. Am not really embarrassed at this point; just so pissed all I can do is watch this bitch give me my goods back and have that guy hand me back my handbag.

I had my knickers in there! Did they put β€˜em on the table for survey? Stupid machines. I am tempted to call the workers assholes too but that’s not fair. Nkt!


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