I have to make a film based on photos. Photography? Yaaaaaay! I chose a fashion theme and yeah, I was super excited at first but yesterday night when I was listing the amount of fashion looks I want, the fear of “inexperience” begun creeping. I have never done fashion photography but I LOVE IT! I have always wanted to do it and have been devouring magazines, blogs (watching TOP MODEL ;-)) on the issue. Of course you have to get down to actually doing it in the end.

And there is a part of me that always wants to worm out of projects and activities just for the sake of not having to have to shoulder responsibility for something that will involve people other than me. I really don’t like having to be responsible for other people or even asking for favors- I hate being indebted to other people.


But making films is something you cannot do on your own. N.E.V.E.R! It’s got to be several heads or hands or the effort of more than one person.

And I am learning that it’s okay to ask for favors, and it’s okay to take the step to ask a stranger to do something for you in your film even when you aren’t paying them.

And people are so helpful- most of the time- it’s surprising!

So I keep telling myself- what’s the worst that could happen?
1- Not getting the camera (SUPER-MESSY!). There is plan B.
2- Not getting enough models (there’s plan B n C).
3- Maybe the photos won’t be as awesome as I want them to be ( Argh! How on earth can I allow myself to take crappy photos! #Unfounded Fear)
Plus I just have to make it super clear what exactly I want and need for the shoot. And the shoot is for five days FOR HEAVENS SAKE! I really should stop over thinking about all the reasons why it won’t work!

This is something I really want to do, and I have to learn by doing and I have to make this first move. One can never prepare enough- movie making is always full of surprises.

Taking the leap into fashion photography. Can’t wait to post the photos here! Hope they will be tops! 🙂



  1. Girl, I’ve seen your work, well what you have put up and I think you have a great eye. No pun…Have faith that he didn’t put this love in you for nothing. He give out talents and yours is this. I look forward to seeing what comes from your film.

    1. Thanks Glynis! yeah I really hope that it will come out well and all. I’m quite excited by the making of the film after getting past the fear of the unknown! 😀

      1. Girl, I’m excited for you! Please let me know when you have completed. I’ll love to see your amazing film 🙂

  2. You know, what you’re doing sounds so fun, that’s literally where I want to be – I adore photography too, I do it as hobby and as a favour for friends and such but I definitely want it to be something like what you’re doing:) great job by the way

    1. Thanks! And it is LOADS OF FUN! 🙂 I am doing it as a hobby at the moment but I want to get better and better till its something i can do professionally. What are your favorite subjects?

      1. MMmm, I love music and history, if I had photography available as a gcse, I would definitely do it 🙂 you?

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