Fuck Poetry Critics

There are fab creative commons who send you mail about a poem they thought was good but could be better one way or another as they suggest. Then there are assholes who edit your whole poem and post it to you. Others just say crap about rhymes and superfluous words to make your poem ‘deep’. Shit! Its like you cant rhyme if you wanted to.

There are times I like my poetry raw and angry or downright obscene. There are rare occasions I want to rhyme and all the shit critics claim to be ‘true poetry’. Most of the time I just want to express with words what touches me.

And some asshole comes along to tell me how to speak what I feel? Fuck you if you aint a teacher but consider yourself a poetry critic.


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  1. Critics I think always look for the worst when they are going through everything. They should do like everyone else does. Put out a book of rules & regulations just to let you know what they expect. It’s all in what you believe in & checking on who you are going to send to. Love how you feel. Haven’t been on here for a while as I have either been making up new posts or just adding to a document on health issues & remedies. This document which will soon be changed to a .pdf will be out for everyone’s views & hoping to get others to see what it takes to get their health better. I have been going to a library to get most of the information for this .pdf. I also have been working on my own health which has been a life long process & with sciatica from a wreck I had which I got a compressed disc in my lower back. I have to use a lot of fibrous foods to help with strengthening my back in order to keep it from getting stiff & cramping up a lot. Then to do a lot of different stretches to also work on the strength of it also.

    1. hellenmasido says:

      hey Rodney! nice to hear from you! i look froward to your document. share it soon as you complete it eh?

      1. will do that Hellen! Thanks!

  2. Glynis says:

    HA! Preach!

    1. hellenmasido says:

      am tellin you! I have had just about enough of seeing people’s n my own poetry placed on a wall to be made politically correct.

      1. Glynis says:

        What you said!
        They don’t know, just want to show!

        Do you and Peace out Girl!

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