You do not say shit

About my sister

Nor brother
Nor mama

Even when I rant
And call them names
Just nod and listen

Do not reiterate

Nor test our loyalties
On a pair of scales

We’re blood
You’re water

I may be crazy as shit
And you a cleaned up platter
But between you and I
If she had to pick
It will definitely be me

I know that as sure as I know
I would die for her


One thought on “BLOOD VS WATER

  1. Hey Hellen!
    Yes, I can think about how blood is thicker than water. I think of my relationships where I have been with all kinds of friends, but they seem to be different than the dating type of relationships as times are different & learn how to be truly accepted into the family as well as the woman or girlfriend you have as you are dating & committing your life to them. As water, you are working on changing that water to blood as you learn more & more about how families unite & work for the same cause. This is how I see blood finally get passed after you are truly accepted into your woman’s family as they believe & truly accept you for what you are. Nice post!

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