You need not comment
Upon every thing
Don’t you see?


At times- frequent
It’s more fitting
To just shut up



One thought on “IRRITATION

  1. Hi!
    A lot of times I didn’t know how to shut up. I used to think that being brought up was better. Ha! Ha! I have been completely silent for most of my life not knowing what to say or do since I had a mother who loved to talk her head off so much. I just find I am truly like my mom a lot in that I stuck around her & learned so much from what she said & did. My father was as hard as any German or French were as my parents used to argue so much. It made me wonder if there wasn’t anything that would help them to think about something instead of the arguments all the time. I have so much to think about when it comes to them & how to be positive when I can. It just makes for a better day when there is nothing else to say.

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