Because I am always the one
How’s there for me
Cuz a doc might disappoint
And pills further depress
I have to do this myself

I begin yet another journey
With my spirit

She stands
Looking down at me
Giving me my hand
And tells me
We can make it

On three conditions

I cannot stop
Once I have begun

This is no painkiller
Nor a doze for a few days
Or season

I must keep at it
Once I have begun
I must promise that

I must do everything
To keep me going

The things I love
That keep me skipping and dancing

Or beautiful butterflies
I must run after
To get closer
To where I want to be

I must keep moving
and hold on
To every little reason
To do so

And if there come things
People, especially
Who burden me
And put me down
Who do not share this vision
With me
I must leave them behind
And carry on

And never go back

And three,
My spirit says
I  shouldn’t expect
Rainbows and unicorns
But this is one ride
That I will never ever regret

The heart knows all
And so I follow

This is the long way
And it will pay off
Whether I realize that
Or not

And maybe I will drop
In the mid
And want to refuse to wake up

But I know this

My spirit will never
Give up on me

I promised myself this
No matter how long
It takes


6 thoughts on “JOURNEY WITH MY SELF

  1. Hi Hellen!
    Just wanted to say that this is the life that we end up taking & doesn’t matter where it takes us to. We make decisions that we learn to live with no matter whether we are living for others or to experience something new within ourselves. Life is how we make it & making it gives us the time for what we want to do & not what others tell us what to do at all. My life as what I will do soon is going to get me doing what I wanted to do a long time ago. That is to have a family & be with a woman who helps me decorate my life fully with her love. I will also go into business with her & be her rock & savior in all the times we are together forever! I love that feeling so much!

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