I had my inlaw’s camera cuz I was taking the wedding photos last weekend. Upon coming back to campus, I forgot the charger at home and lied to him that I had it with me- I will just hand it to him over the weekend. -STUPID MISTAKE 1.

Instead of telling my mam to send it asap,  I lounged the whole week and come friday evening, my inlaw gives me the news that the camera is to be used by a group of his workmates for a work trip the next morning. So I call home asap and tell mam to send it with the evening bus which will arrive next morning and I will pick up the parcel and no one will know I didnt actually have it!

I told mam to send it with CHANNIA- STUPID MISTAKE NO. 2- (P.S- CHANNIA is the crappiest of all buses that go from Mombasa to Nairobi. Crappy, dangerous driving but then, its a parcel, and its the nearest bus at home so…)

Saturday morning

I wake up at 9 knowing the parcel has arrived at Ruiru. Cup of tea and a pancake-  minutes later and am in Ruiru and my name isn’t on their list of parcels! Since these channias are so fucking plenty, i tell myself not to panic and go check another of their offices.

Nothing. Infact, the morning bus which is supposed to reach at 8 hasn’t reached yet. Its now almost 11.30 am and my in law’s workmate is bound to call anytime now to meet up with me so I can give him the camera charger.

I pray EARNESTLY that they are running veeeery late. I have a good mind of switching off my phone, but that would be too obvious. I could block the workmate who is suppoesd to call me and blame it on the network though!  :-)) . Great idea- if push comes to shove.

Fingers crossed, I go back to the first office to ask again. I make her call all the offices involved and in the end, it turns out my parcel did pass through here. Only, now its gone to Thika! THIKA!

I have never been to Thika! I don’t even know where to alight!!!

Am so angry I want to cry! Thank goodness for my hat- and glasses. No one saw the tears that came to my eyes [I did not cry! I was close but I DID NOT CRY!#honest :-(]

So I get charged extremely high fare cuz there’s so many people at the bus stop and less cars. I sit nextt to this lady who I chat up and she tells me that I wont get lost once I alight cuz the booking office is just around there. That sets my mind to rest a little.

I am glad I know the parcel is there but I still plan a rant in my head for whoever is in that office! Just wait till I get there!

Times ticking and all I am hoping is that my in-law’s workmate wont call anytime soon cuz Thika is FAR!

And BEAUTIFUL once we arrive. I am shocked! Thika looks AWESOME! and VAST- and URBAN! I actually want to look around!

Of course I can’t so I search for the parcel office and find it and the moment I see my parcel, the rant I had prepared vaporises and I just want my parcel and to get the fuck out of here!

I didn’t expect any less from Channia. They are always money oriented- it doesn’t matter what inconveniences you go through cuz of their stupidity.

Success story though. I managed to meet up with the guy(he’s quite hot ;-)) and hand over the charger and on my way back, discovered market! Shopping is therapy (i am living proof!) And now I am dead broke cuz of all the fare I had to spend but what the heck! I found a new shopping area, got me nice hats- and I have a date with Thika! Must go there when I am not rushing to correct a stupid mistake!

Channia you wasted me big time but I got me hats in the process BIATCHEZ!




  1. Hi!
    I have dome more mistakes day after day & my mom would always go back to help me out no matter what I left behind that was important. I am sure there is going to be a time when I will need to do the same for my family too. Am hoping that I can have a good experience besides like you did.


  2. Are you kidding me Hellen Mwambi???!! You never have been to Thika?? really??? thank God for Chania and the forgotten charger, those should happen more if it will take you to more ‘Thikas!!’

    Lovely blog dr!!

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