What’s one to do
With a trio of cuddly stray puppies
Huddled together
Under a hedge
On a grey, cold morning?

Girls pass by and cry in delight

They are fat chubby little things-
The puppies-
Just begging your hands
To hold them
And cuddle them
To yourself

I’m tempted to pick them up
and take them where?

Hmm… Let me see
Take them to warmth in my room
Feed them some
Take them to an animal shelter perhaps

I know none

I should walk away
‘cause Puppies-
Even stray puppies-
Come from somewhere

I bet their momma
Is one of the bitches
Who sleep under the hang lines
Next to my hostel

I feel a little guilty

Should I really leave them?
To their rightful mothers
To hunger and cold
And the cruelty of the world

To become the next generation
Of stray dogs?


So I walk away
And absolve myself

It’s not my call
To decide the fate
Of  stray puppies
Who have mommies

All mommies
Even stray mommies
Need something to love

P.S.: I still feel guilty at having left the puppies especially after watching an awesome film called HOTEL FOR DOGS. So I made a point of checking out animal shelters in Kenya. Check out the following site if you want to adopt or rescue a stray animal.

1) KENYA SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION AND CARE OF ANIMALS – they have a branch in Mombasa too



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