In campus when I get a visit from some Christians bringing the gospel to my room, the conversation usually goes like this:

They ask :“Are you saved?” (This has never (N.E.V.E.R.) made sense to me)

I always say no.

They smile as though saying “Awwww a lost sheep to bring back” Then ask  “Why not?”

I say I am Catholic- and Catholics don’t define themselves as saved.

Usually they hesitate cuz Protestant vs. Catholic is a touchy relationship and they wouldn’t like to push- in case I reject them and they fail in their mission to “save” me.

But they go on and ask whether I believe Jesus came to save us and he died for our sins bla bla bla

I say Yeah I do believe in Jesus.

And that satisfies them for some time.

Then they read the bible, and preach and ask if anyone in the room wants to get saved. Usually some of the others are “saved” already so they look at me with gentle smiles and give me special attention when asking.

I ignore them or on rare occasions, piss them off till they go ahead, say a looong prayer then leave.

I am tired of this cycle. I will drop down and die the next time some preacher asks me if I am saved. So I came up with the perfect answer to keep them off my back and have them never preach at me.

Next time these preachers come to my room to ask me if I am saved I will tell them I am Muslim! 😀

Catholic vs. Protestant is volatile and touchy but Christian vs. Muslim- they leave that well alone.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner but at least now, I will be able to cook or write or watch a movie as they go about their preaching without being insensitive. I don’t like being like that, even to ignorant Christians. I just wish they returned the favor! :-/

you-can-worship-rock-for-all-i-care-just-dont-throw-it-at-me-atheism-religion-agnosticism-600x449 pr


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