Do I have
The blood of Lucifer
Running through my veins

I have a mind of my own
And question that which
I am told I must blindly

I think the bible is flawed
I question God
I want to kill my soul
And not have to live
In yet another place God created

Does that make me proud
Evil even
To want something different
For myself
To choose

Do I have the blood of Lucifer
Running through
My veins?

Are God and I same?
Are his plans mine too?

Do I have any to speak of?

And must I go to church
Each Sunday
And I read the bible
And shush the questions
It can’t answer?

Must I want
To live in heaven?

And is there such a thing
As free will?

And if so
Can I choose what I want
Over what God wants?

Or is that being Lucifer

And if I cannot choose
What I want to have
What will have I
To call my own?


4 thoughts on “BEING LUCIFER

    1. thanks for reading and commenting! been having many of these questions and its like forbidden to ask them out loud! which sucks real bad! at the end of the day, it someone’s own journey that counts.

  1. I agree 100%!! I was brought up in a Christian home, forced to go to church etc.. but I had so many questions, I thought for myself, I didn’t agree with the hypocrisy…I finally rebelled as a teenager & I have never looked back. It’s such bullshit! Great poem, refreshing, thank you xoxo

    1. Thanks B.G! and I like this side of me better too! I am not full of self righteousness that makes me think everyone else is wrong and I am right. I just know we all find God in our very own ways,church or no church; bible or no bible.still trying to find my way but there’s really no looking back.

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