If we choose
By our very own will
To return
And be wizened
By earthly ways

I wonder what
On earth
Whet my appetite

This I should seek
So I am not fooled again

For if there is a limit
To the number of lives
One can live
I sure hope
This is my last

But if it isn’t
I want to find
A place
To draw
My own Nazca lines

To remind me
If ever my future self forgets:
To never choose
To return
No matter what
The universe offers


4 thoughts on “RETURNING

  1. Hi, me again… I remember reading and commenting on this last year. Later on in the year I found an old notebook of mine with some of my poetry from when I was about 18 years old and I found a poem that I had wrote about reincarnation (sort of). I usually burn all of my old poetry and always with good reason, because they were rubbish, but when I read this one I was glad to have found it again. A while ago I had the thought of leaving it here next to your poem for you to read but was half afraid that you may think that I was some kind of loony toon who leaves crazy comments in wordpress blogs. Anyway, now you know that I am a loony toon who leaves crazy comments in wordpress blogs; here it is…

    Sheep long dead by the side of the road,
    Eternal sleep now?
    How I wish I were like thee, free… Free?
    Released by earth for the next new birth.
    Deceased yet not dead, but cruelly instead
    Thrust back here with pains of fear
    To carry these chains of mortal existence.
    Persistence will carry you through
    And the brief view of Heaven will fade
    In the shade of this prison consuming.
    Sheep… if you now be a human like me;
    How unlucky we are.

    When I first wrote this I thought I was being profound, now when I read it I think it is hilarious…

    “I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations” you know.

    1. Hahaaaaaaaaaaaa! If you wrote this at 18, I think its profound! I would cringe at the poems I wrote when I was 16 but I still wish I had them right now- just to see what I thought of then. Reincarnation was definitely not in the picture though! Perhaps I was so angry at life the thought of yet another one would have been my doom!

      But now that I think about it, I don’t know why I currently reject the idea of reincarnation. Perhaps I’m really hoping its not true. But how would it be I wonder? To live again and again and again?

  2. Very beautiful insight. This is really very good indeed. Thank You, and I agree with You, “I sure hope this is my last”.
    “Cancel my subscription to the resurrection” – Jim Morrison

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