It’s warm and sunny

Frying garlic
Nyama choma
And the delicious aroma
Of biriani
Waft fleetingly
In the slight noon breeze

It’s a perfect day
To  celebrate
A wedding in the family

Seeing future dowry
And a viable investment
They look at me
And say
Bado yako tu!”

I guffaw and muse:

Look at all
The marriages
In this family

Then give me
Just one reason
I’d want to marry



*nyama choma- roast meat
*biriani- a swahili dish of rice and thick spicy meat stew
*bado yako tu!- ” yours is on the way”


4 thoughts on “FAMILY WEDDING

  1. Aah, that is just beautiful, Helen. You could spin that into a beautiful short story. Love your mind and your pictures and your words xox

    1. hehe! thanks B.G! I love telling stories- whether through poetry or short stories. i should get down on short stories more often though. Its been long since I wrote one!Thanks for reading my stuff and commenting! Its inspiring- esp coming from a writer like you!:-)

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