Can God be fooled?

Can I pray reverently
Kiss his feet
For a favor
When deep inside
I distrust him


Like a corrupt king
Who promises gold?
And wine
To those who dance
To his tune


Can God be bribed?


No I don’t trust him
Any more


I don’t think he will give me
Just because I asked him to


Only if he wants to


And I realize
I have been bribing God
All these years
Of praying
The way I was taught to


I have been bribing God



If I don’t pray
He will be nasty to me
I was taught


Like a corrupt king
Who whips anyone
That  does not abide
By his rules
So is that God


He has been nasty
All the same


When I prayed
Or begged
And bribed him
With my tears

He gave only what
He wanted to give


And I realize now
That God does not bargain


It’s his will
Or his will


And I am angry now
Every time I think of God


So much I tell myself
To think of other things
To stop these vexations


Yet when I get into a car
On a journey to somewhere
I am caught by a habitual urge
To ask for a favor-


Pray for Safety


And I am caught by this fear
That if I don’t pray
I will surely die


Then I stop and think
How many others have died
That had asked that favor
From their maker?


And I realize
It doesn’t matter
Whether I pray or not


Things will happen
Bad or good
Those I want
And those I don’t

Praying is bribing
And God does not bargain

And so I quit

I quit praying







3 thoughts on “I QUIT

  1. ooopps, Im so sorry I thought I was posting to the blog about a republican who wanted to quit politics. I am sooooo sorry. But I must say that I love your blog. It is very nice.

    1. Hahahahaaaaaaaaa! that’s ok. thanks for stopping by anyway! glad you liked my blog too. and ur comment is ok too. I’m not mourning or anything.I’m actually welcoming the change. its nice to not ask for things and still know you’ll get them anyway-both chocolates and crap. for a strange reason i feel more positive!

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