I dance alone

I don’t feel lonely
I love my company

Me with my big eyes
And awry mind
Dark and deathist
Hopeful, optimist

Disgusting habits

I laugh just as heartily
With tears from my eyes

It’s not such a bad thing
To be alone
Not as much as people
Make it to be

I cant stand anyone
For too long

And no
I don’t resent people
I just really like
To be alone
A lot

And I try to be
At every chance
I get

To explore the world
At my own pace
And time

To think things
And conjure worlds
Of my own
To go away to
When all falls down

Worlds that I won’t show

These are mine

Like my lovers
And my chocolates
And things that make me smile

There are things that are mine

And I love them that way


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I can’t identify with this poem as I have a great need for people but it’s helped me understand you and people who share your point of view a little better :0)

    1. hellenmasido says:

      glad it did! i guess old habits of spending lots of time alone have taken their toll on me and it became a case of grinning and bearing it to the point of loving it 🙂 thanks for commenting

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