“Daily Prompt: Name that… You!

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? What about your children’s names?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us IDENTITY.”

Hellen Masido Mwambi is my full name. Mwambi is my father’s. I don’t use it plenty because we were never close and I don’t really like being associated with him. So I stick to HELLEN MASIDO. I find Hellen a little dull even though in  primary school till high school (form 1), I used to favor it over my Taita name MASIDO.

Currently however, Masido is what many people know me by- my friends shortening it further to SYDO.

I was named MASIDO after my late grandmother ELINA MASIDO. I asked what it means years ago and was told that it means  in Swahili “mtu mchokozi” (someone who likes provoking people in one way or another).

What can I say? It’s totally fitting 😀


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P.S. I had totally ignored my first name which I usually pay little attention to- I feel like its just that name. so I Googled and HELLEN apparently means sun ray/ shining light. Corny I know. I was right to ignore it! (more of its meaning here )


29 thoughts on “MASIDO

  1. What a fantastic meaning to your name! My name is Christine which means ‘follower of Christ’ which is hillarious as both myself and my parents are total atheists, hahaa! My Mum also liked Helen. I much prefer Chrissie as I think Helen sounds a tad too posh & well behaved for me ;0)

    1. hahahaaaaa!atheists huh?! i too found Hellen a little fragile and prissy- especially after watching TROY! at least i don’t have to deal with some names that traumatize a child into adulthood. there are names in my tribe that just make me go WTH?!

      1. Haha! Athiest means you know about evolution and Darwin… unless that was a rhetorical question, in which case, sorry to be condescending. Names made up from parts of other names are funny like tanishwa or trayvoniqua ha! Still they are better than Dorris or Ethel 😄

        1. hahahaaaaaa! there are worse names in my tribe. i have relatives and pals called “MWACHOFI” which means -sth belonging to/of alcohol. and the name is really popular! TRAUMA!
          and whats with taking two names and putting them together?! Maryrose?! argh!

          1. OMG the meaning of Mwaxhofi is hilarious! Hmm I better not tell my bloke as he’d say it was v appropriate for me 😉 What about names that sound cute for babies but silly for grown up women like Poppy, Tinkerbell and Sunshine are ones I’ve heard recently (not the meaning but the actual name) whaaat? Having said that, I like Sky & River so….

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