HOT BATHS- great days are made of these

Daily Prompt: Luxurious
By Michelle w. on September 7, 2013
What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Luxury…hmmm. A vision of Chocolate comes to mind unbidden; then a bathtub with hot water and sweet smelling shower gel foaming all around me. Chocolate vs hot water… definitely hot water! Don’t get me wrong- I LOOOOOOOVE chocolate. But I love hot showers more. And when I say hot I mean HOT, not warm.

Maybe it’s being in high school and having to wake up at ungodly hours to take cold showers.

It always felt like a punishment- staring at that bucket of water like it’s a bad bad enemy then counting to three like am about to be beheaded or something.  I hate cold water (Except maybe in Mtwapa which is HELL HOT and water from the shower is usually warmed by the weather!)

I always do EVRYTHING I can to avoid a cold shower. Go distances to get paraffin, light the jiko (something  I really hate doing) or even save up for that extra electricity bill just so I get hot water in my shower.

Luxury? Hot water is mine definitely!

p.s- dream bath [ though I’d probably be torn whether to be in the tub or go dip in the sea :-D]

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