After watching THAT’S RACIST by Trevor Noah I was overcome with disgust at the picture that the international community has of Africa. I won’t even say Kenya because apparently, some don’t even know that Kenya is a country.  I was ENRAGED!!!

How dare they?! How dare they ask if we have waves in Africa! (Ok that joke  was hilarious but on the other hand, not so funny. 😉 )

But then in the process of writing a very angry offensive piece to these stupid people,  I stopped and realized, I am also stupid in some ways:

  •  I am stupid about some countries the way other  people are stupid about my continent.
  • I used to think Nairobi is a place you get mugged everywhere before I stayed here; the same way some people think all coastal people are lazy.
  • I thought Somalia was a barren stretch of brown land with men riding horses and carrying guns and bazookas and was actually shocked when I watched a clip of Somalia of shops and people living the same way I see in some towns around!
  • I thought Afghanistan was that country that has always been at war till I read THE KITE RUNNER.
  • I still can’t tell the difference between Koreans, Chinese people and Japanese ones. I refer to every slit eyed Asian as Chinese- and I realize that’s just as racist as someone who thinks everyone in Africa knows and looks like the other.

Now, I love being on the defensive. I love ranting at stupid things people do  to set them straight but when I look at myself and people around me, I realize that we all have levels of stupidity on issues whose knowledge we have to base on what the media says. and I admit, I try my best to learn all I can to not be ignorant- just so I can jab at people who don’t know >:-) but I realize that sometimes I judge a little too harshly.

We are all stupid and racist in one way or another. If you jab at someone for their stupidity be ready to take some jabs at your own too.  For example, I admit to having laughed at the following meme.  Its racist, but i find it funny. I’m sorry 😀

And thus there goes my right to get angry at African/black memes.

P.S.. – Back to my judgmental self- the notion that Africa is a country where people live in jungles and that wild animals are the only thing worth seeing is not just stupid; It’s ANNOYING! Seriously! We have towns and skyscrapers and awesome wildlife and many more interesting things. We actually have lives and things we love to do and we aren’t in perpetual need for help. So there! Google the rest. I will do the same on slit eyed Asians. No offence intended.



  1. I was lucky I traveled the world with the service. I tell people of my travel. They ask where are the countries? Few people study the world. It is sort of sad. So much to learn if we open our mind and thoughts. I tell people. Africa and Asia is different. They appreciate literature and education.

  2. say one racist thing about white Americans. One! We are all stupid and racist, but its like a pyramid. Those at the top get to make all the rest feel racially inferior.

    1. i cant think of one that isn’t a blonde joke or that doesn’t offend both white people,women and albinos so i wont say any. i think its just worse cuz we have been denied many things in the past based on color prejudices. but think about it; its not a color thing. if someone has an asshole opinion about another, they are just asshole from the core. if they are a different color, they are racist. if they are local- tribal. if they are female they’re jealous bitches. if they are male they’re chauvinist. an asshole is an asshole. at the bottom of it, its not really a color thing

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