Someone called dubstep “GARBAGE”. Are you fucking kidding me?
Yea, I love dubstep. Yes I think its good music (for certain times) just like all other genres I listen to. And some of it is noise I admit but most of it is such welcome “noise”.

The first dubstep mix that got me hooked was by Dabushar’s- Brutal Dubstep. Its 44 minutes of great dubstep with a mix of rock,techno ,reggae etc here and there. And for people hating on dubstep, and calling it garbage, take time to listen to dubstep fused with other genres of music.I recommend Lindsey Stirling’s fusions of classical violin with dubstep. Google too the old time clsaaicals of Mozart and Beethoven. I found Fur Elise dubstep remix quite lovely  not to mention the wall paper was quite funny.

If that’s still garbage to you, you really need to revamp your taste buds.


p.s. if you want to annoy those people playing bad loud music, play loud dubstep. Any loud music cannot compete with loud dubstep. (p.p.s. very loud dubstep music will also fuck up your ears pretty baaad 😀 )



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