I don’t think that people who want kids should not have kids. I just think they should not go all RATS on making babies. I also think that people who want kids should shut up and quit telling voluntarily childless people that they should get kids. If anything, being voluntarily childless in this age is a very noble thing to do especially with overpopulation at the root of our environmental problems.


For every person who chooses not to have kids, there is a person mindlessly procreating in ways that are destructive to themselves as well as the future of the earth. Choosing not to have kids is not only earth friendly; it also helps balance the equation of people who want too many babies.

Sorry for people who love babies and can’t get enough of lots of them but really, it’s irresponsible that you still want twenty kids in this day and age.

It’s no longer about having the cash to care for your 20 kids. It’s about space and do we have really it? People need resources and good food, water and land. Creating more babies is not going to expand the earth . It’s going to shrink it. We are 7 billion at the moment. And you still think we need more kids?

In future, are we still to continue clearing vast lands housing wildlife and trees in order  to build parks and skyscrapers to house the beautiful babies we are making right now? Why? Because we can procreate anyway we see fit and we are superior and this earth belongs to us? Are you fucking kidding me?

If you don’t want kids for whichever reason (even selfish ones) know that it’s also an eco friendly thing to do and keep it up! Adopt someone or something- cat, a dog, a tree -and care for that which is neglected instead of bringing something entirely new when there are excesses already.  Next time some pro-procreation person tells you you’re selfish for not wanting a brood, tell them how selfish it is to fuck up the earth with the many people that they are still creating.



  1. Hi Helen,
    despite being a parent of four kids and a mother who adores them, I have to say that I absolutely agree with your argument. In this day and age, we are also looking at a dramatic increase in divorce and relationship breakdowns which contributes to the global impact economically.This was me at periods of my life.

    Of course the environmental impact is the greater concern. This was also me-simply for overpopulating.

    I commend all my childless friends for standing strong when ridiculed for not wanting children. They are definately not being selfish, they’re being smart. Great blog Helen!
    Tash 🙂

    1. thanks for commenting Tash. especially as you are a parent and also see my point- am happy about that. sure kids make people happy but i think there is a limit. i .recently read a thread of some parents complaining that they feel targeted when told to not have any more kids- yet they all had six and more kids!
      someone even went further to ask “what tragedy would one more mouth in the world mean anyway?” and i think some people really dont get how far reaching their actions are. thanks for visiting my blog too. glad you liked it 🙂

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