Following an argument with a pal of mine on FB about my recent article “Why We Should not Make Babies“, I sought to confirm his claims that the whole world could fit into the state of Texas. (I didn’t know that! And he’s bound to feel very good about himself :-p) and it turned out to be true. However,  one thing led to another and on and on till I stumbled on this page that bullshits the claim that overpopulation is a myth.  He couldn’t have written it better. Still think there is much space to sustain the growing population? Think twice. Overpopulation is not myth. Read it here.


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  1. A peaceful solution for overpopulation and ecological problems: CHET (childfree, healthy, eco-conscious, trendy) lifestyle:
    CHET on FB

    1. hellenmasido says:

      oops! lemme check into that! thankie!

    2. hellenmasido says:

      fixed it! 🙂 i was creeped out for a second there. Had a few conspiracy theories in my head already! 😀

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