The Ruiru train is just that
A train
very dusty
long and snaky

its not even pretty!

Rickety .brown, gritty
And is the cream
Meant to be white?

Its so beat!

Like a car vandalized
But stubbornly in use
It still pushes on

With its blaring horn
and lights at the head
its two eyes

its ugly a train, as can be

And unimpressed though i am
As the train goes by
Chugging its way to infinity
I can help but stop and stare


2 thoughts on “THE RUIRU TRAIN

    1. hahaaaaaaa! aki it looks like it could fall apart any moment. But no! It had the strength to hit a bus and drag it 300 metres away! #mutindwa accident. I should board that train one of these days and get the experience first hand.

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