For many people, the idea of an afterlife is glamorous. My sis plays gospel music that talks of the promise of a fab afterlife because Jesus resurrected and so will people if they do good. And while many Christians I’ve come across hold on to this hope and do all the good they can to resurrect and live forever, for me it’s so tragic. Resurrection? Another life? This isn’t the last?!

From the following prospects Life is fucked up- from the afterlife backwards

  1. Heaven- spend forever with strangers; Even if for some reason all your family and friends make it, forever is a long time to be doing nothing but eating and singing.
  2. Hell- pain and torture are not a very attractive prospect ; Consider joining masochist boot camp- just in case you’re prone to wrong doing 😀
  3. Reincarnation- how very exhausting- another life? Again????

And that’s the reason I abandoned Christianity. It doesn’t even give me option # 3 above! What use is it being a Christian if it was taking me to places I didn’t want?

I’ve been really hopeless of late- Solomon’s “Life is vanity” should be my FB status cuz all my past questions have come down to this- What’s the point of life? I stay around very religious Christians I can’t have a decent  anti religious argument  with. So I still haven’t gotten the answer cuz for them, avoiding hell and getting to heaven is more than enough. It’s not enough for me. Getting to heaven or hell? And then what?

I could talk to my sis – she’s very helpful to talk to- but she doesn’t know I abandoned Christianity. And she’s quite christianly nowadays- she believes in that hell/heaven thingie. I doubt she’ll take my sentiments very nicely.  So that leaves me with my questions and dilemma.

What’s the rehab for people who abandon religions? I must learn how people live with no religion without being this hopeless person I am becoming.

I need to make an atheist friend asap. Share a link and I’ll stalk you. # sincerely in need of a non religious mentor



  1. Helen, I also abandoned Christianity & have no time for any organised religion. Religion is a form of control for those who can’t think for themselves. And the rehab for those who’ve gone AWOL is freedom from oppression. You’re always welcome to bounce ideas and thoughts off me. Take care 🙂

    1. Thanks B.G.! Its kinda hard atimes especially on Sundays when everyone looks weird at me each time I come up with an excuse to not go to church cuz they still dont know I quit. But am reading helpful books and then of course there’s u and my other online friends great so far! 🙂

    1. Drew what? hehe! At this time its a bad bad idea to discuss this with Drew. he’ll probably turn me into a staunch atheist and make me hate God even more # don’t tell him I said that ;-D

  2. Hi, you ask some excellent questions here, and questions that I have asked myself and continue to ask. Firstly as I was reading my head was telling me that this was the blog where I left the Jim Morrison quote “Cancel my subscription to the resurrection”, and I was right. Took me bloody ages to track it down but it was in response to your poem “RETURNING” where I agreed with your sentiments “I hope this is the last”. Ironically I came to this blog for a look because you reblogged my post “Native American Ten Commandments” which could be viewed as religious, although I believe that you probably saw it more as a good set of standards by which to live day to day, which was the reason I posted it.
    I was brought up Catholic but escaped as soon as I was able and then spent many years where I saw myself as someone who was spiritual but not practicing spirituality. The spiritual that I liked to believe in was the same spiritual that I read in poetry by the likes of Walt Whitman, viewing the universe as a whole with infinite possibilities.
    A couple of years ago I became obsessed with space, the universe and most of all the science behind it. I studied everything I could and got to the point where I could comprehend how the Universe worked and how it started.One day that I managed to take everything back to the big bang, the start of time and after being delighted that I could understand and that it made sense I was overcome by an immense sadness, because there only seemed one possible way of thinking and it didn’t involve any heavens or hells or anything ever and that death was death and the end.
    I like to view myself now as undecided, open to suggestion, ready to be shown different although I live as this is it, the one and only time and when people die that’s it, there will be no sitting in the sun somewhere else. In some ways I could be jealous of other peoples solid beliefs because it appears easier in some respects, it is a comfort that I am not afforded but I don’t feel sad about it anymore. God seems to make everything easier, to believe that a God created the Universe means that you don’t have to think about it, because if you believe in a God who is almighty and has complete control then of course the Universe can exist, no matter how complicated, he can do anything. To think that this is all here of it’s own accord through a long process of amazing interactions between stars, galaxies, bacteria, neutrons now that is fucking amazing, more amazing than if God had just clicked his fingers and it was there.
    In some ways I still haven’t got a clue but I do see amazing shit every single day because it blows my mind and I feel that more than when I definitely believed in something. And it feels right that I am undecided, it’s a big decision, I need time to think about it, but I hope I’m still undecided till the day I die.
    I’ll stop there because I could go on forever writing and it’s not my blog. I think that we are in the same boat in many respects, I hope some of what I have said has made sense and helps. You are a thinker and thinkers will get there somehow and the answer is always more beautiful that way.
    I noticed that you followed my blog the other day, what took you, I been following your blog for ages. But I’m not bitter, I try not to be in case I get reincarnated as a packet of crisps or a jam sandwich.
    Take care, be happy.

    1. hahahaaaaaaaa! yeah it would be crappy-reincarnating into a pack of crisps with feelings! sorry about taking so long to follow your blog! I really need to up that- I always make mental notes then when I check notifications I see the FOLLOW button and am like “I didnt do that?!!!!” Thanks for commenting though; its a comforting thing to learn that being undecided aint a bad thing- and boy am I undecided at this moment! Its exciting though now that am looking at infinite possibilities- its new and way scary but its exciting all the same and am definitely following my gut on that. Only time will tell where my thoughts take me, right? 🙂 #peace

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