NANOWRIMO #writing when I don’t feel like

NOV 3rd entry

Before writing (2310 hrs)

I don’t feel like writing. It just hit me that I need to be writing- I have set myself to do 30 minutes nonstop from 11pm – 11.30 since November 1st  And today the very thought of writing plain exhausts me. But I made a commitment and I am determined to stick to it without jumping to another story like I like doing.

It’s only for one month- surely I should be able to come up with something substantial! I can’t be thaaaaaaaat bad huh?


After writing (2350 hrs)

Feels great having managed 3 pages! And I actually enjoyed writing the scene after I had begun it on paper! It’s not such a bad thing forcing myself to write when I don’t feel like writing!

#Write what I know and write from fond or sad memories of things and places. That’s the way I feel connected to my characters and what they are feeling at the moment and time.


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