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Like I wrote previously, I had lost my filmmaking mojo and for a film student I was like- “Poof!  All is gone for me!”

Then I met this guy Eddie, through a pal and while he’s no filmmaker, he has such an extensive knowledge and passion for Kenyan film that it’s rubbing off on me. Sure there are a few very well made Kenyan films but on a whole, I wasn’t very optimistic about this industry.

However, being an intern at Film Kenya Magazine has changed that in just a few weeks. Together with my pal, I have managed to tag along to exciting interviews and film sets and you meet Kenyan filmmakers and even foreign ones, who are working so hard to keep Kenyan film alive. And like it or not you start believing in the industry too! I know I do!

And no, I am still yet to get my filmmaking mojo back but at least I’ve been writing (mostly articles and unfinished scripts I admit but it’s still a start right? Cut me some slack :-p)

This week is Africa Documentary Film Festival and I can’t wait to guzzle all those films to be screened! Please spare sometime to take a look at FILM KENYA MAGAZINE. It’s the child of many people’s passionate dreams of a great Kenyan film industry.


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