There’s a spider in the house! It’s small and has little fat legs- like a tiny tarantula. Of course it’s not dangerous but I hate spiders ; especially as my mattress is on the ground. What if it crept on me at night! Yikes!

I should kill it.
However, I don’t really want to and my half-hearted efforts at squashing it under the broom give it a chance to hide behind the shelf in my sister’s room. I can only hope that it keeps away from my room.

But when I head to the living room for a movie, it follows me. I am seated on the sofa and it’s at the door staring at me, I think, because it freezes as I watch it. The staring contest doesn’t faze the spider at all and I resort to implore it in my mind: “I don’t want to kill you but if you go outside, I’ll leave you alone. You get your life and freedom and I get my peace of mind, savvy?”

It just stands there!

Then my sis comes from the kitchen through the door and scares the spider to the closest cover it can manage. It rushes towards the table in front of me and once again, I shoo it in the direction of the outdoors.

It comes under the table and contrary to our deal and scurries right under my sitting place!

And now I can’t bring myself to put my feet on the ground. I have a feeling it will crawl up my legs just to creep me out so I avoid the ground and resolve walk on the sofas if need be. Shit! Maybe I should barricade my bedroom door!



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