The base: Bottom Line

Spoken word events in Nairobi are phenomenal! Its not just about the great poetry but also about the fab, crazy poets and enthusiasts that you meet!


Picture this: a skinny twenty something year old dude in a white T-shirt with cool grey illustrations on the front, brown checked pants -conspicuous pants, pants he might have inherited from an early 1920s clown – with a foot and a half long fly, canvas shoes, dark sunglasses and a green homburg hat. Under that hat are a bunch of spiky, half inch foetus locks, but we are not going to talk about those. He is swaggering around, microphone in hand, a sneaky grin on his face. Immediately behind him, a tired fountain spouts water two feet into the air, in a half hearted attempt. Further on, past the lazy fountain is a long plaque, the size of primary school blackboards. Bigger actually. On which are engraved columns of names; fathers, daughters, mothers, brothers, cousins that perished in the 1998 terrorist attack in the then American embassy in Nairobi. This…

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