design # 14- Tissue roll pen holder + D.I.Y.

pen holder

Don’t throw your next roll once the tissue is done. Tissue rolls can make really pretty pen holders and decorations- u just need some beads, colored paper and glue!

The feathers are from a hat I doubt I’ll wear so I plucked off a few. You too can play around with other odd pieces!


tissue roll
-colored/white paper (to wrap around the roll)
-glue (office glue/ UHU glue)
-wide lid


1. Wrap the colored/white paper around the tissue roll and glue the ends to make it adhere to the roll
2. Smear office glue all over the roll then pour beads all over it till its all covered in beads
3. Leave to dry
4. To one end of the tissue roll, apply permanent glue (UHU GLUE in my case) then stick that glued end to the upturned lid for enhanced support

P.s. – I used office glue cuz it’s easy to smear around the tissue roll but the beads don’t react well to being touched every now and again. (a few may fall off. Very few though)

Have fun recycling 😀


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