THE LIEBSTER AWARD- cheers to spreading the love!

These awards are hectic to spread around #honestly! Its not easy choosing only ten out of hundreds and more.But if someone has gone through my blog and liked it enough to nominate me for an award, it’s only fair to do it for another! Besides, am all for spreading the good chi so I admit the hectic process was lots of fun too 😀

I have grown to like WP awards more and more each time I get one (vanity! I know;but am only human 🙂 ) It feels great getting nominated. Its not about needing validation but when you do something you really love, it feels even better when someone else recognizes,appreciates and shares in your passion. And I love WP cuz I always get to meet more and more great writers, photographers and artists- bloggers! So thanks  UTALAP for nominating me for this award. Through it I have visited blogs I hadn’t previously stopped by and discovered great stuff to go back to. Please check out Utalap’s blog here.

The Rules of the Liebster Award:

  • Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  • Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

The questions I am to answer :

1. We know that there are other blogging platforms out there, but what made you choose WordPress?

Actually I was blogging on BLOG.COM before WP. The site had lots of annoying timeouts and so with time I thought of moving. My first choice was BLOGGER but then one of their terms state that they have the right to delete your blog if they “suspect” it to be spam. Then a friend’s blog actually got deleted on blogger and well, WP it was! (P.S. It was trending at that time too and I loved the themes!)

2. What month or season do you look forward to the most?

In Kenya we have the rainy and dry season. I love the latter cuz of swimming, sightseeing anytime of day and wearing shorts! I love heat generally.

3. If you weren’t working as a (insert current job here), what do you think will be your job? If you’re still a student then just change the current job to current field of study.

If I wasn’t  a theater/film student I would be studying art and design- with a concentration on applied arts

4. What is your favorite movie/TV show quote?

“Release the baby!!!”- from the animation- THE CROODS. That line  always cracks me up! 😀

5. For this question, please embed a YouTube video of your favorite song.

Plant Life- Owl City

6. Name 2 interests or hobbies that you haven’t said in your About page or in any of your previous blog posts.



7. Name 3 places that you wish to visit before you die. You can insert photos if you like!

-Rio (specifically for Carnival)


-The Ocean- aboard a cruise ship for a few months

8. When things get discouraging, how do you stay motivated?

I watch a design/fashion programme or read through a design magazine- then I make something. And it works every time!

9. Tell us something that you’ve done (or experienced) for the first time this 2013.

Unshakable hope for my future. Previously the future had always been a black spot for me and there was nothing good or awesome to look forward to. 2013 changed that- it is the year I have acquired an unshakable faith in a very possible good future that I work towards each day.

10. Is there anything you wish you learned to do when you were younger? Will you try it out as an adult if you were given the chance?

I’ve always wished I could play a musical instrument- especially the violin. But as at now, I don’t have the patience to learn it so I’d rather enjoy others playing it and be blown away.


  1.  ianblackpoet
  2. offtheravenstongue
  3. imgonnastudytherain
  4. zachthedragon
  5. keithgarrettpoetry
  6. uthamz
  7. Conrad (The Wine Wankers)
  8. Nancy Onyango
  9. jamiebtwentythirteen
  10. wrongwithlife

QUESTIONS TO MY NOMINEES (I love lists so please indulge me)

  1. 3 things you love and hate about blogging on WP
  2. What’s your best WP blogging experience
  3. What 3 subjects do you enjoy reading about on other people’s blogs?
  4. 3 random fascinations you have
  5. Top 3 places you’d like to visit and why?
  6. Name 3 strange/ weird/ unorthodox experiences you’d like to have before you die.
  7. Share 3 of your life’s mantras
  8. 3 guilty pleasures you indulge in when in your own company 😉
  9. If it were possible, what supernatural power would you like to acquire?
  10. If you had all the money you ever needed and didn’t have to work what would you be doing with your life?

Those questions were pretty random and am pretty excited to see your answers 😀


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