I am wary of loving

How many have I loved so
And bled ages for
And how strange that now
All are nothing
But mere statistics

Strangers I know from some place

 For the stray cat I feed
Whose roots I have no clue
I care more
Than I do
The mere thought of those strangers
I once knew

And how peculiar!

Being people I cried ages for
That now
I go through each day
Thanking the heavens we parted ways
And admitting
My life
Could be no better

I am wary of loving you, thus

Who am I to take the oath
Of forever
Who’s to say that tomorrow
I will kiss you
With an intensity
That matches this one

As I snuggle closer, this day
Skin against warm skin;
And oh so needy of your body
Folding into mine;

Who’s to say
Tomorrow I won’t spurn you
Or shun your very touch?

And who’s to say my life won’t be so much better without you
If you were gone



5 thoughts on “WITHOUT YOU

  1. Oh Girl!!! “Who am I to take the oath of forever!!!” LOL!! I love this and the feeling behind it!! That’s right who’s to say!

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