So, my mum got a shocker today when I told her that I never planned on having babies.

We were watching an animal programme featuring animal lovers who live alone or with their spouses, no kids- and pets for company instead. She commented on how strange that was and I didn’t think much of it when I told her I would totally love to live like that.

She was shocked in a way I didn’t really expect and launched into an unconvinced Q & A session about “what if” I got a kid “accidentally”- which is bullshit (I didn’t use those exact words). I feel very strongly for remaining childfree and I am damned if I am going to take any chances with that. She was very bent on me keeping the possibility in mind but she really doesn’t know to what lengths I’d go to ensure I remain child- free – I doubt she’d want to know.

So she thought I was scared about the pain of childbirth and suggested that I could always adopt.

Shocker #2- I told her I’d rather adopt a cat- and minutes later when she couldn’t stop shaking her head and asking more questions, I managed to change the subject- which she let go, reluctantly I could see.

And I still don’t get the fuss. She has always known I am anti marriage for reasons even she comprehends. Did she really expect me to be a baby person?

I cannot imagine myself with a baby! the though of me with a baby makes me want to laugh! Imagine a small Hellen with eyes this big and scanty hair like tiny black beads on the head! Hahaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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I have never really had that baby-love feeling or longing! Strange for some people I learn, but it’s true.

I find greater pleasure petting a furry cat that I do rocking a human baby. Some of us just prefer felines to humans.



  1. To each its own, I was never given that opportunity having never had children. But I’m not downing anyone that chose not to have them.
    I’m a child advocate, when I was a young girl my best friend’s brother was adopted, and I knew then that was the route my life would go. There are too many forced to have children they never wanted, so I get it. Got to do what’s right for you Sis!

    1. Yap true that Sis 😀 I am all for adoption too and I think there are people who are good with kids and those who just aren’t and have no qualms. Problem is people trying to fit ’em all into one similar thing. as you say, to each its own. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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