A good friend of mine was greatly insulted by this short story about Muhammad and his pedophilic tendencies. She could not understand why I would insult her religion so. This is a post to her and to any other Muslim who were similarly offended.

1- The post was MEANT to offend. There is really no way of pointing out a religious flaw without being offensive to the believers of that religion. That I could not help.

2- The post was not aimed at insulting Muslims- it was a protest against poisonous religious dogma and legalized child marriages. I am strongly against any principles perpetrated by so called “holy people”- religious or otherwise- that allow for gender based violence and pedophilia  (yes, I  said PEDOPHILIA)

3- Islamic sharia law DOES allow pedophilia and early child marriages. Because Muhammad did it to a nine year makes it okey for other Muslims (who have a sexual desire for  children to do so too and even quote their leader at that)  and that’s sickening.

Do I think Islam should be eradicated?

No I do not. I have lived with Muslims all my life and most of them are good-hearted people. This other breed that marries off babies to pay debts- I do not get!

I just think Islam needs to be tamed- the way Christianity has been tamed into behaving more humanly. I think that its time to rethink even Muhammad’s actions and correct oppressive laws if Islam is to co-exist with the rest of the world as the religion of peace.

Its by grace that Kenya has clear rules against child marriages but honestly, I fear for the world and the future generation of girls if ever Islam is to become the dominant religion.

You may also be interested in reading more on child marriages in Islam below:

*Rawa news



  1. Dearest sister in humanity,
    As the Bible teaches, care to think before you speak, and speak not out of ignorance, because only a fool does that. Islam was perfected 1400 years ago, and will remain so until there is nothing left of the world… A religion that was created by the One Lord Himself, needs not His creation to make any changes, amd anyone who makes an attempt, will fail,.miserably! as times have shown!!

    1. Hey Latifa, dont you find it ironic that first yu say

      “care to think before you speak, and speak not out of ignorance, because only a fool does that…”
      then go on and claim

      “Islam was perfected 1400 years ago, and will remain so until there is nothing left of the world…”

      You cannot care much for humanity if you think Islam is perfect as it is and needs no changing.

  2. Hellen, I have sent this out to all my social media sites. I am really glad I came across your blog a while ago and although I don’t have much time to spare, I know that your blogs are worth me stopping to read. I really admire your strength to stand up and speak about topics that are sensitive.

    1. Thanks Tash- for your kind words and support. The more people know about this, the better chance girls everywhere have a chance to make something of their lives through education and at least get to decide for themselves, what they want in life. It is a touchy issue- I hadn’t really realized how touchy- now I do. But with girls like Nada Al-Ahdal being brave enough to say no, we cant stand by and do nothing. Too may have been oppressed already!

    1. Yea, that’s the problem with Christianity. The moment you point out anything, you are the anti-Christ or Satan himself. I think some of them reason that, if there is heaven to go to, why the hell should they care about the earth?

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