I am three steps away
From giving it to you
Raw and hard
Like you never had it served

 I’ll tell you things
People only think
But shut up about

I’ll let you know
By word and by deed
What an asshole you really are

I am three steps away
From telling you
To never speak to me;

Three steps
From not caring
About who gets hurt

We are hanging by a thread
You and I
It was three corded
Now it’s one

And this far;
Suppressing this animal urge
To scream and claw at you
Almost suffocates me

And I am now three steps away
From burning my bridges to you

Leave me alone

Keep off my toes

Do not laugh with me
We are way past that

So keep your distance

Or soon I fear
I will put you too
In that place
I keep people
Whose deaths mean nothing to me



8 thoughts on “AND YOU WILL BE DEAD TO ME

    1. Hey Glynis! Where have you been?! sought you out about a week ago and couldn’t get to you!
      Thanks for the compliment 🙂 But I hope you pull through this feeling. I have been struggling with it for a few weeks now and its dragging me dooooooown!

      1. I’ve been MIA for weeks…..You know Life and Living.

        I know that feeling girl, its got me in its grip too. I hope we both can see our way through this muck.

        Now, how gorgeous are you! Beautiful picture with this poem. I’m still trying to catch up on my reading so comments are coming. 🙂

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