Christians say homosexuality is unnatural. Even the bible says so; so God must think so too!

And when homosexuals say they were born that way, homophobes call it bullshit. However, if you ask a homophobe why they aren’t homosexual, they say that it’s the natural to be heterosexual i.e. they were born that way.


If God is so against homosexuals, please RELIGIOUSLY explain hermophrodites to me cuz I think that’s God’s joke on Christians who claim God is homophobic.



  1. I use to question the Bible too. So I understand you doing that.. Jesus die for all our sins. There is no condemnation. That doesn’t mean we should walk around doing whatever we want, thinking God will forgive me. I believe that’s the biggest problem people have with God and the Bible, they will have to try to live in His will.

    1. The biggest problem is that they forget Jesus told them “Love your neighbor as yourself” .So hate me and you hate yourself and you hate Jesus himself. All those hateful people have another problem. Jesus also said hate would earn you a place in hell because it blackened the soul and weighs you with sin. I forget the exact passages so I didnt quote it.

      So his message was forget the old testament and do as I say. Love as I love and live as I live. He died for me too; not just you or you or you. 🙂

      1. Above all commandments, Jesus said the greatest was to love your God and your neighbor. I don’t understand why so many Christians choose to ignore Jesus’ own words in favor of Moses’ and Paul’s homophobic laws. Makes me wonder why such people claim to be Christians rather than followers of Moses. Perhaps there should be groups in Christianity- one group belonging to people who listen only to Jesus’ words i.e. CAST THE FIRST STONE n the other that listen to the other speakers who say STONE THE HOMOSEXUAL!

        Maybe Jesus should have written his own manuscript so we can do away with the poisonous bible.

      2. Are you addressing me? If you are, please read my comments again. I wrote nothing about hating anyone. You are absolutely right, we have to love each other in order to proclaim love for Jesus… The part I believe people have an issue with is choice. Whenever we decide to give ourself away to God, there is no middle ground. We’re in or out. There is a manual on how to live our life. (The Bible) we will be judged on how we live our life. I’m not God or Jesus, I don’t judge anyone’s life. I love, watch, and try my best to live in the spirit.

    2. So Shian, what’s your take on the bible and homosexuality currently? Am I correct to assume by your comment that you think homosexuality is wrong and they should be asking for forgiveness? Please explain

  2. Yes, God loves all, we’re all his children. God alone is perfect. Any handicap we’re born with is a blemish. You see, the thing is, sometimes the children suffers for the parents’ sin. I don’t know have all the answers but I read every answer to questions you asked in the Bible; our manual. Like God making the first family, a man and a woman. and he told them to be fruitful. Like I read that disobedience lead to the human race suffering. Now the snake was the most cunning animal that the Lord God had made. The snake asked the woman, “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?” Genesis 3:1
    As children of God, we’re not to judge or hate anyone. That part is very wrong.

    1. Glad you agree n thanks for commenting too. The Adam and Eve part is also another argument used against homosexuals- n that God made em male and female to procreate- which makes sense.
      only currently, with procreation and so many abandoned kids, I like to think homosexual parent who adopt are a blessing!

    2. well you can’t be a Christian sir or ma’am. Here is why. To be a Christian you have to believe god is so good and loves each of us so much that he sent his son to die for your sins and mind. Jesus purged the parents sin. Further more a loving god would never punish the child for the sins of the parent. It’s like your father stole money so the cops throw you in jail. Totally wrong impression of Jesus and Christianity. 100% backward of what a loving, kind god would do. Maybe you should rethink your backward logic and get back to me when your head works right and you actually know something of Jesus and his father.

      1. Hey Sarah, I have also had problems with this christian view of God as all loving vs. God as an unforgiving guy who will have you tortured for not liking him. And I really cant relate either.

        Christianity should really make up its mind about the God they serve. Either he is a loving father or he is a cruel dictator cuz he cant be both n be the same God unless of course he has a Dr. Jekyll n Mr. Hyde personality.

      2. You’re writing about love and you don’t even know my sex? You believe I think like the Pharisees and Scribes? How do you know I’m not a homosexual? You have no idea who I am. Keep reading the Bible and pray to God to open your mind. You seem to know way more than I do. How a great weekend. I love you.

  3. Was I born this way? I don’t know. Perhaps it was man who pushed me to this? Again I don’t know. But I love and am in love with my GF Sarah. It is the only thing that has claimed my life with meaning in a world of shit and piss.

    Amen and blessings to you. The question I ask to Christians is this “Is god perfect?” They of course say yes. “Are we not make in his image?” They of course say yes. “Then please go tell him you think he, the perfect one, made a mistake when he created me.” Then dismiss them like the fools they are.

    1. Thanks Mitchelle- for your kind words an for taking the time to comment! I’m glad you find joy in being the person you are with the person that makes you happy- I believe everyone has a right to that. and unless you are infringing on the rights of another no one has a right to dictate what’s right or wrong for you!
      Stay happy! 🙂

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