So here we are: we have a picture of God as all powerful, all present and all knowing.

When God created Lucifer did he not know he would become the devil? If he knew, why did he create the devil in the first place? When someone says that all bad things come from the devil, I am tempted to ask them- did the devil not come from God? And did God not know what evil he was creating?

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis...

I can forgive Hitler’s mother for giving birth to him but a God who creates a monster then uses that monster to do his evils…I can’t quite wrap my head around that so forgive me if I am not in utter reverence of the God Christianity paints.

If God knows it all and he knew the devil would be evil but still created him, can we agree for once and for all the source of all things- good and evil- is God?




  1. Yes; every evils comes from devil,because he is the first person to desobey GOD..after all he is father of evils…so don’t decieve your self about such question like this..the BIBLE say’s,who knwos the mind of the LORD? who is able to give Him advice?..you better change your mind and be an instrument of the LORD..i’m a Catholic from Nigeria..GOD bless you…!

  2. Roman 9:19-22 But one of you will say to me,if this is so how can GOD find fault with anyone?who can resist GOD’S will? but who are you my friend to answer GOD back? a clay pot does not ask the man who made it,why did you make me like this? after all,the man who make the pots has the rigth to use the clay as he wishes and to make two pots from same lump of clay,one for special occasions and the other for ordinary use.ane the same is true of what GOD has done.He wanted to show His anger and to make his power known.but He was very patience in enduring those who were the objects of his anger,who were doomed to destraction…The declered GOD can do what ever He wish..He is the SUPER SUPREME RULER

  3. Why do you keep insisting on sticking to this one dimensional view that God knows everything hence nothing bad should happen. The devil is a fallen angel of God. One of the higher order of angels I believe. He refused to accept mankind as a worthy being that shouldn’t even exist. At least this is what I was taught as a Muslim and since converting have been blessed enough to be able to get a better understanding of what transpired. He rebelled. He challenged God that His precious children in His image were weak and underserving of his time or reverence. He therefore promised to show God that we will all fall and he will claim all our souls. God believed in us and loved us enough to accept the challenge of a mere angel. And henceforth began the long lasting fight of evil and good. Free will has a HUGE part to play. God does not impose Himself on anyone who does not believe or doesn’t want Him in their hearts. I want to visit my friends but I never visit without their permission or invitation. 🙂

    1. I am hell bent (literally:-) ) on the omni-everything view of God because it contradicts everything Christianity actually preaches about unconditional love and God’s “grand” plan.

      If there is a god who is omni-everything as Christianity says, then life is much bigger than a mere test or a battle between God and the Devil as Christianity thinks.

      1. God’s grand plan is unique for each and every one of us. He wants an intimate relationship with you and me. Hence it is grand in essence but very private and personal at the same time. His plan is perfect. My plans as a flawed human being with great limitations always makes me fall. I have fallen time and time again. Each fall was more painful than the last. I say enough is enough. The enemy will not have me to toy with anymore. I’m God’s precious daughter and deserve the best of whatever He has planned for me. For I have found His plans,when they finally reveal themselves, are beyond amazing. Always.

    2. “I want to visit my friends but I never visit without their permission or invitation.”
      Lets take this scenario:
      what if your friends were holding your child hostage and they said that if you don’t go visit, they’ll torture her? what if you didn’t want to visit them at all but here you are in such a situation? You’ll take yourself there but it wont be by your will.
      That’s God, heaven and hell for me.
      Does that make sense?

      1. But babe my friends will never take my child hostage first and foremost therefore the scenario leads to a moot point. Try to look at the bigger picture of walking with Christ. Yes objectively it’s about good versus evil. What isn’t in this world though? But you and I know that life is deeper and more meaningful than just beating the badasses. From little helpless babies to hopefully wise, old wrinkly humans that eventually perish; during that lifespan we grow every single day in age as well as wisdom and knowledge and as human beings. Everyday I feel different. I experience so much in spiritual and physical ways. Our myriad of emotions and experiences surely tell you that it is not without purpose. We cook with the purpose to feed ourselves. We work to survive. We have relationships to nurture our emotional and psychological needs. We procreate to leave behind our legacy and continue our genes. We HAVE A PURPOSE in everything. Therefore our very existence has a definite purpose. We don’t necessarily know straightaway. That’s the whole journey. That is the point. Life is a complex but beautiful puzzle that I’m relishing solving. Cliche but so true. In summary it is good versus evil but it encompasses a helluva lot more than that in between. Once I want to reiterate this is my experience and what I have learnt through my trials and tribulations. My life has given me unshakeable faith. Not books, not priests, not a particular church, not my parents or any other external influence which was not self-imposed.

    1. Hi Tyler, thanks for commenting. I have followed your link but I confess I couldn’t get to the end- mostly because the guy is saying the same thing over and over again “The devil is the prince of darkness…” etc I have heard that many many times before so I’ll skip that part.

      However, I need to differ on the opening statement where he says “God made the devil but not as he is today…”
      there is one thing you need to give up if that statement is to be true and that is; the Christian claim that God is all knowing cuz if he knows all, then he knew exactly how the devil will be today.

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