Christianity preaches two ways to the afterlife- either heaven or hell. Preachers of Christianity assume that all Christians will want to avoid hell fire in favor of an eternal life drinking milk and honey. But what if I am a masochist and hell would be absolute heaven for my sexual needs?

Or what if I don’t want eternal life?

Someone might ask “How can you not want eternal life?!” I just don’t. True I have hated life in the past- still do sometimes- but even if my life were to be the perfect picture of things I want, I still wouldn’t want to live forever. Not with people I love, not with comprehension of all knowledge of the universe, not with happiness and peace. I don’t want forever. What does Christianity ultimately have to offer for people like me?

Frankly, nothing.

Why would I board a plane that’s headed for the Bermuda triangle? Do I want to go disappear into thin air? No.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to find out if there is another place beyond the triangle? Yes it would be : for someone who wants to finds such things exciting. Me? I am totally mesmerized by this earth and the universe I already see.

So don’t preach heaven to me and think I’ll drool with desire.


2 thoughts on “WHAT IF I WANT NO HEAVEN?

  1. Interesting post. What about people who would rather Be done when It’s done? Do I want to live an eternity in Heaven or Hell, or would I rather just be done when it’s all over? I would love to be able to hug, kiss, and laugh with my dead loved ones, but maybe not for forever. Some people would think it’s completely nuts not wanting to live forever walking streets of gold in heaven. To me, death is a natural part of life’s cycle. I do not fear it, or just not existing at all after death. Living forever is not all that appealing to me.

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