At the end of the day, if Christianity really is the one true religion it claims to be and its god is actually the one true god, then life is fucked up already. Either way, I wouldn’t want to spend eternity in a lavish place with such a god. And so I reject Christianity and its core doctrines.

And I would have it no other way.

So for any Christian out there, who thinks I have sold my soul to the devil and is praying to their god for me; don’t. If there exists a devil, they are two. One who does evil things for kicks, and the other who allows evil things and feels glorified by them.

And I am at peace doing what feels right in my soul against what your god deems to be right.

If I have a soul and I have sold it, it is to no one but myself.  And I am at peace with that.



5 thoughts on “ABANDONING CHRISTIANITY- Last Words

    1. Geographical issues I guess- but I think they also reason that its easier to distinguish that way. Just so that the other faith doesn’t think their God is the true one. “We pray through Christ our lord…” cuts out the Muslims. The Islam Al- Fatiha alludes to members of other religions being astray thus cuts our Christians, Jews etc.

      There is a time in my school when Christians and Muslims used to each pray- each given a chance to pray and I thought it was such a beautiful show of tolerance- only to realize that many of each of the two faiths used to talk during the other faith’s prayer.

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