Holiday season! I should be excited! I should be partying and sending season’s greetings wishes but honestly, I’m about 5% excited about anything as this year draws to a close.  Forget xmass- it just breezed by like it has been doing for the past years. I can’t recall the last time Christmas actually rocked… oh wait I do! Xmass 2009- in Taita; in the mountains with my cousins and away from civilization!

xmass with cousins

So it is kind of understandable when xmass this year was just another day but with posts all over FB saying Merry Xmaaaaaaas and happy New Year!!!!!

And here I am; the year is ending, I have closed a major chapter of my life with abandoning my religion and I have major things I want done, but I am still waiting… for something?

Holiday festivities aside; this past week I have been in limbo – like an incubation of sorts and I’m waiting for the vault to open so I can get out and finally do the things I love. I have a few projects I am excited about but it’s like am not yet ready to begin. I feel like I could stay in this cocoon for a while longer.

Maybe it’s the feeling that this year should have ended already. If I am truly honest, my 2013 ended on 2oth December and now, I don’t know what to do with these extra days.  Perhaps I should enjoy this limbo. Bum around for the remaining days before 1st Jan 2014 cuz then, I will no excuses to bum around.

Yours truly
Staring at the sky and watching the clouds go by


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