2014… DO OR DIE

So, November 2013 was supposed to be the novel writing month…(NANOWRIMO)  and I did start on a novel I have been putting off for years! Only, I put it off again after about two weeks of disciplined writing. Something about taking a short break that became THE break and well…it’s embarrassing to talk about so topic closed!

This coming year, I have vowed to not consider the thought of writing a novel. I need more discipline in my writing if I am to embark on a whole novel. Back in primary school, my composition teacher had us writing compositions each single day- the stamina which kept me writing two novels in high school. So am trying to go back to that and instead of plunging right into the long form, begin first with short stories.

I call the project …*drum rolls*…. 52 SHORTS! A short story each week for the whole year. If I can pull that off, then novel writing has got nothing on me!

With me going back to campus and the crazy units next semester, I will also have to slash my posting frequency. Instead of daily, I plan to post thrice a week. And the short story is mandatory on Saturdays. *mental note*

Also, I want to take my poetry further so I’ll be experimenting with a variety of poetic styles and themes. I am pretty excited to get started on that!

2014 is my creative writing year. No more excuses.


featured image source : http://fashionablymale.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/sindre-skoglund-flying-words-ph-einar-aslaksen.jpg






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